Getting ready to sell your home? Get ahead of the game and order a free pre-sale termite inspection. We’ve performed over 50,000 termite inspections, so when it comes to selling your home, we know all the potential red-flags that could be raised by a buyer’s termite inspection. Even if your home doesn’t have termites, a quality termite inspector will find conditions that could attract termites and will list these conducive conditions on their state-certified termite report, throwing a big wrench into the negotiations of your home’s sale price.

If you want to get the best price for your home, get a pre-sale inspection. We’ll do it for free!

Give us a call; we’ll show you all the things that may get noted during the buyer’s termite inspection. Water leaks, water stains, potential and actual termite activity, and a host of other issues are problems you will want to resolve before an inspector comes out. After our free pre-sale inspection, you’ll know exactly what to fix before you list your home so termites won’t devour your contract.



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    *Our Free Pre-Sale Termite Inspection does not include a state-certified WDIIR – this inspection is soley to provide a property owner/seller’s agent with a list of potential conditions that would be flagged as ‘conducive’ on a state-certified WDIIR.