Welcome to your Fire Extinguisher Training


Safety training on using the Element E50 fire extinguisher. Watch the video below:

To start and use the Element fire extinguisher it is a ____________ step process.

The Element fire extinguisher effectively puts out fires without mess, toxicity, or the danger associated with a traditional extinguisher.

Benefits of the Element extinguisher are:

The E50 Element fire extinguisher's discharge time is _______ times longer than a traditional fire extinguisher.

The Element extinguisher can be used on ALL major fire classes

The Element E50 extinguisher's discharge time is:

The Element's gas is unsafe to breathe and is corrosive and toxic.

The Element E50 extinguisher expires _______

The Element E50 ____ affected by extreme weather.

The Element E50 is safe to use on automotive/vehicle fires.