Welcome to your Termidor SC Label Review

Termidor SC's EPA Registration number is:

If on skin or clothing:

The active ingredient is:

The signal word is:

If swallowed:

If in eyes, hold eye open and rinse for

When calling a poison control center or doctor, or going in for treatment, you should have the product container or label with you

DO NOT breathe spray mist

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) includes

Required PPE includes wearing a dust/mist filtering respirator with any N, R, P, or HE filter

All pesticide handlers must wear protective eyewear (goggles, faceshield, or safety glasses with front, brow, and temple protection) when

Keep and wash PPE seperately from other laundry

IF clothing or other absorbant materials have been drenched or heavily contaminated with this product's concentrate, it is okay to reuse them after they have been laundered in detergent and hot water.

After handling this product, you should wash the outside of gloves before removing them.

Pesticide handlers _______ required to read the entire label before use.

Termiod SC comes in a ____________ container.

After triple-rinsing or pressure-rinsing the container, the acceptable method of disposal is:

Proper triple-rinse procedure includes

People present or residing in the structure during application _______ be advised to remove their pets and tehmselves from the structure if they see any sign of leakage.

After application, the applicator ___________ to check for leaks.

Only protected applicators wearing PPE as required by this product label may be in the area during application.

____ treat within a distace of one foot out from the drip line of edible plants.

Termidor SC is labeled for use at

To mix 100 gallons at a 0.06% finished solution, use _________ fluid ounces of Termidor SC.

If soil will not accept 4 gallons of finished dilution per 10 linear feet per foot of depth, then 0.125% Termidor SC applied in 2 gallons finished dilution per 10 linear feet per foot of depth may be substituted.

Termidor SC may be applied when precipitation is occurring.

DO NOT apply finished dilution (0.06%, 0.09% or 0.125% Termidor SC) until the location and type of (1) construction of heat or air-conditioning ducts and vents, (2) water and sewer (or plumbing) lines and (3) electrical lines/conduits are known and identified.

Apply by trenching and rodding into the trench or trenching along the foundation at the rate of 8 gallons finished dilution (0.06%, 0.09% or 0.125% Termidor SC) per 10 linear feet per foot of depth

Trenches must be a minimum of ____ inches deep or to the bottom of the footing and need not be wider than ____ inches.

Sub-slab injection treatments can be made from inside the structure or in cases when this is not possible, by drilling through the foundation from the outside.

Drill holes must no more than ________ inches apart.

For rodding deep soil, long rods exceeding 20 feet _______ be used.

Exposed soil or soil covered with tar or similar sealant beneath or around plumbing and/or drain pipe entry areas should be treated with a minimum of _____ gallon but no more than ____ gallons of finished dilution per square foot.

For hollow block foundations/voids, apply at the rate of 2 gallons of finished dilution per 10 linear feet of footing using a nozzle pressure of ____ p.s.i. or less. When using this treatment, access holes may be drilled below the sill plate and should be as close as possible to the footing as is practical.

It is against this product's labeling to contaminate a well or cistern.

Annual re-treatment of the structure is ________ unless there is clear evidence that reinfestation, treatment zone disruption and/or evidence of breakdown has occurred.


Cover or remove all exposed food, feed and drinking water.

You can apply Termidor SC to wasp or hornet nests if they are not attached to the structure exterior or inside wall voids.

You can apply Termidor SC to boat houses, including their piers or pilings.